Een prachtig premium merk uit Duitsland.

Naast premium lederen tassen, heeft men ook een Urban lifestyle lijn genaamd PUNCH.

In diverse materiaal soorten en modellen.

Voor iedereen dus de juiste BREE tas.





The Italian brand of designer leather wallets, bags, coin purses and handbags
It was founded in 2005, in Lucca Italy. When the first shop was created in the old Roman
Amphitheatre, at the heart of the cosmopolitan shopping district of this historic town of Tuscany.




German lifestyle luggage

As a trendsetter and an international market leader in high-end luggage, we develop our products sustainably and using the highest quality standards. We work together with experts from Germany and abroad in the fields of plastic production and processing, and closure technology.
Since 2015 we produce again series made in Germany, and we also design our entire collection in Germany.


Voi Leather Design


Interesse in klassiek of trendy, het is allemaal te vinden bij het Duitse Merk Voi. Kwalitatieve series en bijpassende portemonnees en accessoires.